Best bonus playthrough

At present, among the online casino AAMS, the best ebonus available for both amount that playthrough is the one offered by Titan Bet Casino. The bonus offered is 100% up to a maximum of € 1,000, which means that to get the maximum bonus you can deposit € 1,000 and in doing so there’ll be another 1,000 in the account for a total of € 2,000.

What makes this really special and favorable bonus is the low playthrough of only 18x. Such an offer you will not find even among the unlicensed casino AAMS, remember that they are illegal in Italy and the players who play there may face heavy and sometimes sazioni administrative penalties.

Another feature of this bonus is the ability to complete the table games such as blackjack or poker, where the percentage attributable to the completion of 100%. Roulette, however, the completion of 25%, which, however, we consider it a good value, given the ease of play roulette online.

Titan Bet you remember that belongs to the same group of old Titan Casino for a long time we have seen online, which for months had disappeared to return with the new version AAMS, safer and protecting the Italian players. So do not waste your time and if you are looking for the best casino bonuses that is right for you.

Best bonus wager

The bonus wager is the multiplication between the playthrough and the percentage of contribution of completion of playthrough. The percentage of contribution depends on the game, information that is in the terms and conditions of the promotion of the online casino. So if the% is 25% with a 18x playthrough then the bonus wager is 72x, that is 25 x 18 = 72 (Titan Bet)

So know Playthrough information is important to know, but not the only one. In fact, the playthrough is complete at par if the% contribution of that game is 100%, 25% if it is not up to par but it is x4, four times for 25 up to 100 percent of contributions.

The online casino AAMS wager with the most basal, that is easier to win and take home the bonus games such as blackjack and roulette. is PARTY CASINO.

Party Casino has a 50x playthrough but all games involved 100% to completion, then the wager is of 50x. Titan for example has a wager of 72, that is, the majority of the games participates to 25%, with a playthrough of 18x and then a wager of 72x. A great bonus, however, suggest that since the bonus amount of € 1,000 higher.

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