How Cheating

In case there is desire to make a small margin on the house, or in case you have been victims of some malpractice aprte attitude of some operator online, this class is for you. Here we provide a brief introduction on the subject of cheating in online casinos. Unfortunately, as all activities that involve competition and / or money, the possibility of cheating (and of being cheated) also exists in online gambling. If you want more in-depth about afformazioni, please visit our section dedicated entirely to the topic and provides links to sites with blacklisted casinos.

Cheating – Casino

In general, most of the casinos that you visit (or at least, those who SHOULD visit) are reliable and trustworthy and have very little to fear of being cheated. Most of the sites, and all those who recommend, put in a highly visible symbols or information indicating that use software to ensure their reliability or independent audits that verify their operations. Like every industry, however, cesistono some online casinos that should be avoided because of their lack of transparency and / or shady practices. If you are in doubt, look elsewhere: out there is full of casinos that are worth your trust!

Cheating – Players

Cheating in a casino – be it virtual or real – is, simply put, stupid idea. The consequences are severe in both cases in terms of the effects of the casino itself, and the law. Online casinos also can monitor their players even better than their “brothers” and their actual software generally include functions that detect if someone is playing from several places at once, the use of different names for the log-in, if someone is playing as a team, if you are manipulating information etc.. Casinos are extremely intolerant to these behaviors and, if you get caught, you risk not only to be thrown out from that site, but the casino also has the option (and will not hesitate to use it!) To report your name to other casinos ( putting on a black list), as well as to the authorities.


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